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PAL connects families with shared child care needs to a network of highly selective child care providers. This invite-only platform enables Parents to split the cost of care so that they can create well-paid job opportunities for the most qualitied and talented Specialists.

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The kids loved it! We moved to NY in April and finding kids for them to play with has been not easy. This was exactly what they needed. The caregivers were outstanding. We have had trouble finding someone our kids were comfortable staying with. My husband and I were thrilled that both kids ran off to have fun and didn't even look back. We will definitely be back and will certainly recommend and support your program anyway that we can.

Project Playdate Parent

My husband and I are thrilled. Our son had a great time. We had a great time - guilt free! This is just an all around a win-win situation.

Project Playdate Parent

This is awesome! Your service was unparalleled by anything else we've experienced.

Maryam, Playdate Partner Host

Project Playdate is a wonderful service. My husband and I were so grateful to have a night out and to know that our son was in good hands. Now how do we get Project Playdate to come to California?!

Shenna Deveza, Mom of One, Union Square