PJ Party at CAMP!

PJ Party at CAMP!

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Ages: 3 - 7

Participants: 12

Open Spots: 8



Join us for a three-hour drop off pajama party at CAMP that Includes free play, arts and crafts, story time, dance time, movie time, leadership building curriculum and so much more! Guaranteed to be an awesome night for ALL! CAMP is a family experience store. Built to engage and inspire kids and their parents, CAMP combines merchandise, play and media throughout its stores to create an enriching and fun experience. Each CAMP location includes a Canteen, large experiential store, and theatre for performances and workshops for kids ages 2-12 and their parents.


5:00 pm Greeting and Introduction We'll greet our party squad and get to know each other with a CAMP Themed craft session. This will prepare us for an evening of connection, playfulness and a whole lot of fun! Each participating child will receive a pajama party bracelet and pinnie so that our team is prepared to provide safe supervision over the course of the evening.

6:00 pm Meal Time Time to refuel! We'll enjoy a pizza party! PAL Specialists will make sure hands are washed and meal assistance is provided to those who need it. Conversation Cards will be spread on the tables to encourage thoughtful, empathetic, and confidence-building conversation.

6:30 pm Facilitated Open Play Time We'll get out the wiggles by playing a few fun music-based group games like musical marshmallows and freeze dance!

8:00 pm Pick Up and Highlights While watching a movie that is both ageless and timeless. We'll wind down and prepare for pick up. We'll be ready to go at the very spot you left us, but this time, we'll get to share all the fun we've had while you've been away! Thanks for coming! Hope to see you next time.

Activity Budget

$30 Admissions and Tickets

Pricing and Cancelation Policy

Price will be confirmed the next day from RSVP date.

Cancellation Fee of $10 within 48hrs or $5 within a week.