Sunday Play UWS BN

Sunday Play UWS BN

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Ages: 2 - 5

Participants: 12

Open Spots: 12





Join us for a two-hour drop off playdate that Includes open play, arts and crafts, story time, leadership building, a team challenge and a lot of fun! The more children that sign up, the price per child drops! So, invite your friends. Life is always better with a PAL!


10 am Greeting and Introduction We'll greet our playdate squad in the Book Nook UWS lobby. We'll say our goodbyes to moms and dads and get to know each other with some casual crafting and open play. Specialists may ask little ones to wear a green PAL pinnie, depending on the location and programming at that time.

10:30 am Facilitated Open Play Time Specialists will engage children with fun games and imaginative play. Children will get creative with arts and crafts materials and get to know new friends and Specialists! By helping children associate physical activity with fun and feeling happy, we can instill healthy behaviors at a young age that will affect their desire to be active and healthy as they grow! Specialists will be spread throughout the play area to provide supervision and assistance with all materials.

11 am Cognitive Group Learning Our Group Challenge is designed to instill teamwork, drive problem solving and bring home our “Books Alive!” theme of the day! Hidden throughout the Book Nook UWS space will be themed clues that will lead our older group through an interactive scavenger hunt/ mystery adventure. In the meantime, our younger crew will work on identifying shapes, colors, and sizes with their very own themed scavenger hunt!

12 pm Pick Up and Highlights We'll wind down our day with story time. We always encourage our older children to read to our younger children, with some assistance from our team. Mixed age playdates unlock opportunities for leadership and role modeling from our older friends. We'll be ready for pick up at the very spot you left us, but this time, we'll get to share all the fun we've had while you've been away! Specialists will make sure Parents names match authorized persons for pick up. Thanks for coming! Hope to see you next time.

Activity Budget

$25 Additional Supplies

Pricing and Cancelation Policy

Price will be confirmed the next day from RSVP date.

Cancellation Fee of $10 within 48hrs or $5 within a week.