Laura + Raj Wedding

Laura + Raj Wedding

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Ages: 0 - 8

Participants: 6

Open Spots: 6




This playdate will take place in one hotel room. We will stick to a 1:4 ratio for this age range. You will have your Specialists' contact information and can feel free to check in with them throughout the night! PAL's fun and activity-packed experiences can accommodate children of all ages. PAL is equipped with supplies to transform and safe-proof most any space. Most importantly, PAL's leaders are committed to creating an enriching and unforgettable experience for children and in turn, their parents and hosts.


5:30 pm Greeting and Introduction Parents and children will get to meet PAL Specialists, check in, confirm contact information and give big hugs!

6:00 pm Cognitive Group Learning The kids will jump right into activity stations prepared. We'll enjoy board games and arts and crafts stations while getting to know each other. Then, it's time for our Wedding Card Craft activity. We'll send well wishes to the Bride and Groom from their tiniest guests! The children will get to use a variety of art supplies and even get to take a polaroid picture to include in their special card to the happy couple.

8:00 pm Story Time Now, it's time to get cozy and relax. We'll say goodnight to our new friends and split up our group into 2 separate hotel rooms. What a night! Specialists will help little ones get changed into pajamas and ready for bed. We will showcase a kid-friendly movie and read some nighttime story books. Specialists will check in with Parents, organize belongings and make sure the kids are getting some rest before pick up time.

11:00 pm Pick Up and Highlights Parents will meet us back at the wedding hotel. We hope you had as much fun as we did! Thank you for joining us, Pals!

Activity Budget

$15 Additional Supplies

$10 Additional Travel

$10 Other

Pricing and Cancelation Policy

Price will be confirmed the next day from RSVP date.

Cancellation Fee of $10 within 48hrs or $5 within a week.