BK Children's Museum Fun!

BK Children's Museum Fun!

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Ages: 3 - 5

Participants: 4

Open Spots: 0



NYC Museums


This action-packed day will begin at our host's house (Sarah!) for drop-off, and take us over to Brower Park Playground for some open play time before hitting the Brooklyn Children's Museum! We'll explore and play all throughout the museum before taking a break in the museum cafeteria for a packed lunch. If you do not pack a lunch, you can purchase the optional additional food add-on for a meal at the ONE FOUR FIVE café within the museum. Afterward, we'll take a break for some more open play and a Team Challenge at the nearby Brower Park Playground. We'll end the day with a special PAL Scavenger Hunt back in the museum before heading back for pick-up at Sarah's house!


9 am Greeting and Introduction Good Morning! We'll meet at Sarah's house for drop off and then head out to the park for some facilitated open play before entering the museum!

10 am Cognitive Group Learning It's museum time! We'll explore the museum in full and play to our heart's content!

12 pm Meal Time We'll take a break for a packed or purchased lunch in the museum café ONE FOUR FIVE! Afterward, we'll have some open play and facilitated group games in the park (nearest to our host's house- Stroud Park) before the end of the day!

4:30 pm Pick Up and Highlights Wow! What a day! We'll tell our Parents /Guardians all about the fun we've had and say goodbye! We hope to see you next time, Pals!

Activity Budget

$5 Additional Supplies

$15 Additional Food

Pricing and Cancelation Policy

Price will be confirmed the next day from RSVP date.

Cancellation Fee of $10 within 48hrs or $5 within a week.