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Under 1 year old

10 years of experience

2-3 year old

10 years of experience

4+ year old

10 years of experience

About Me

Alexandra (Alexa) has experience with children as young as two weeks and as old as fifteen. She has experience working with children with special needs such as autism and cerebral palsy. She completed courses in early childhood education and has experience training adults in early childhood development as well. She has been an after-school caregiver, helping with homework and driving kids to dance and karate lessons. There are few things that she enjoys more than watching a child's face light up when they've learned or mastered a new skill - and she is passionate about being a part of the process to get them there. She enjoys teaching children to be cultured and watching them grow to be more self-sufficient every day.


Child Development Training
CPR Certified
First Aid Certified


Past Playdates Led by Alexandra

Skyscrapers & Carousels!
$51 or less | 8 open spots
Ages: 5 - 6
BK Children's Museum Fun!
$116 or less | 4 open spots
Ages: 3 - 5
School's Out!: Gulliver!
$74 or less | 3 open spots
Ages: 4 - 12


Oct 3rd, 2018

A background in event planning combined with extensive child care experience results in Alexa being a master coordinator who is extremely detail-oriented and ensures that high-quality care never compromised. She is, without doubt, one of the best-of-the-best. From loving football to all things craft, Alexa is super relatable to the wide spectrum of interests that our kiddos have. Most importantly, Alexa is an extremely trust-worthy individual who is also an excellent communicator. She is someone who can take on a lot of responsibility and will ensure that everything runs safely, smoothly and responsibly. She is a natural leader with a great attitude and a genuine love for children. She is more than willing to be active and engaging with our kids and will do so in great spirits. She can be found diving right in to activities and having just as much fun as the kids did! She is quick to offer a helping hand and naturally knows exactly what needs to get done. With Project Playdate, Alexa directed our entire after school program at Pine Street School as well as the weekend programming we did with the Kabbalah Center. Her combination of trust-worthiness, leadership and child care experience make Alexa an absolute all-star.