Chanel F.




Chelsea, NY, Soho, NY



Semi-fluent French


Under 1 year old

4 years of experience

2-3 year old

7 years of experience

4+ year old

9 years of experience

About Me

Chanel has over 5 years of babysitting experience, experience working with children through the Boys & Girls Club, and has been the program manager for Project Playdate programming at The Celebration Spiritual Center in Brooklyn, NY. She prides herself on being professional, caring, and present with every child she works with. From little ones to older kiddos, she brings joy, excitement, safety, and care to every playdate!


CPR Certified
First Aid Certified


Certified: VIRTUS- Protecting God's Children


Past Playdates Led by Chanel

09/10/2018 from 9 to 12 h.
The Sweetest Chef Around! New York, NY
Ages: 4 - 8
Participants: 12 / 12 open spots
Specialist: Chanel F.


Oct 3rd, 2018

Chanel is an absolute pro! She is highly dependable and never fails to ensure that our children will not only be happy but also incomparably safe and well-cared for. Chanel has worked with Project Playdate for several years and after countless examples of exemplary professionalism, ultimately became the director of our weekend programming at Celebrate Spiritual Center. Chanel is very passionate about engaging children with fun and educational activities. She always has ideas of games, songs, and activities that she knows our kids will love. She is constantly thinking of new ways to lead organized games and provide enrichment. We simply love her enthusiasm, contagious smile and positive attitude. She is easy to communicate with, very responsible and has a genuinepassion for working with children. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.