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About Me

Katrina comes from Belleville, New Jersey. She began dancing from a young age and realized how important the arts and awareness of the body is. She was always looking for new ways to be active and at the same time learning new things about the body. In her exploration, she found yoga to compliment her dance career. She is now a certified yoga instructor for children and adults. Yoga has brought a sense of grounding and a new perspective on life. She is so thankful for her mother’s support and guidance along the way. She is so excited to be part of PAl By Project Playdate!





Oct 3rd, 2018

We have the pleasure of knowing Katrina through her work with Project Playdate as a yoga instructor and child care leader at our after school program with Pine Street School. She is warm and welcoming, dependable and kind; and will maintain this energy throughout everything she does. She arrives early, always looks for opportunity to help, and most importantly, the kids love her! Katrina used her arts, yoga and dance background to provide a uniquely enriching experience. During free play she had lots of energy to run around and actively play with our groups, while maintaining safety and structure. It's not an easy task to get a bunch of little ones to find their 'still' and do mediation in yoga, but somehow, someway, she does it. Katrina offers only the highest level of professionalism both as a caregiver and an enrichment provider. We couldn't recommend her more highly.