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About Me

Meredith has had experience with children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. She spent several years teaching various dance, art, music, gym, and science classes as well as preschool. She previously held the position of Camp Director & Birthday party manager at Kidville Midtown West and has led and coordinated hundreds of children's parties and events. Her musical theater and dance background help her find creative ways of engaging children and creating a fun, positive environment. Meredith is also a certified youth fitness specialist and kids yoga instructor.





Oct 3rd, 2018

It is very evident that Meredith is a seasoned teaching artist who can successfully leverage her background in theatre and the arts to be a childcare professional that the kids absolutely love. She inspires imaginative play and actively participates in the fun! Beyond being a master of engagement, Meredith is a super professional young woman who arrives on time and takes initiative as a leader. She has a really great way of communicating all around, but especially with kids, ensuring that everything she leads is safe and fun. She is an absolute natural. We love the enthusiasm and expertise she brings when caring for children and creating structured activities.