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Sam is currently an after school sitter to two adorable and sweet girls and has occasional babysitting experience in NYC, Barbados, and London from children ages two months to 13 years old. She was also an acting tutor and counselor in a performing arts camp. She has developed a way with kids over the years and enjoys time spent in enriching playdates. Sam is fun, spunky, smart, disciplined and reliable!




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Oct 3rd, 2018

Sam sincerely enjoys spending time with children. Our kids have so much fun with Sam and it's simply because she is known to have so much fun with them! As a Project Playdate veteran, we've seen Sam care for large groups of children of different ages with grace and professionalism. She is able to engage them through imaginative play while also maintaining safety, structure, and that super contagious smile! Sam treats her work very seriously and has proven over and over again that she is someone you can trust. Her bubbly personality, and can-do attitude make her a fantastic team player. She's alway ready to listen, learn, and adapt to create the best experience possible for the children and families she works with. Her experience in the performing arts also allows her ot integrate some really great enrichment into her playdates, which parents and kids alike adore.