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About Me

Shonette is a single parent to her beautiful nine-year-old daughter and a student at Brooklyn College studying Early Childhood Education/Special Education and Psychology. She also works as a head teacher in a Preschool located in Manhattan. She has experience in taking care of children from ages birth to 5. As a parent, she understands the importance of finding someone safe, reliable, and fun to take care of children. She brings the high-quality care to other children as she wants for her own daughter!




Past Playdates Led by Shonette

City Treehouse PJ Party!
$58 or less | 12 open spots
Ages: 2 - 7
Led by Shonette A
KV UES PJ Party!
$58 or less | 12 open spots
Ages: 2 - 7
Led by Shonette A
KV UnSq PJ Party!
$53 or less | 12 open spots
Ages: 2 - 7
Led by Shonette A


Oct 3rd, 2018

Shonette has a real passion for child care and children’s education which has been evident in the countless times we've worked together through Project Playdate. It comes to no surprise that she is both a loving mother and full time nursery school teacher. She is professional, reliable and knows how to run a tight ship! She is always making sure to keep things clean and organized while also supervising and engaging the children she is with. She is very patient and always has a happy and kind attitude. The kids love spending time with her and we love working with her. A mom herself, she understands the utmost importance of safety and attentivenness to care that a true childcare professional requires, and knocks it out of the park every time. She brings patience, knowlege, experience, and agency into her childcare work and is one of the best we've got, especially for the extra little ones!