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Under 1 year old

1 years of experience

2-3 year old

2 years of experience

4+ year old

7 years of experience

About Me

Susan is an actor with experience as a Teaching Artist for a STEM program where kids integrate concepts of theatre with science or math related topics, an after-school teacher, and has also performed in several children's shows (touring included). She absolutely ADORES kids and enjoys connecting with them through song, dance, movement, storytelling, brainstorming ideas, and/or being silly together. She believes that learning should be exploratory, engaging, create a safe environment for growth, and most of all, fun!


CPR Certified
First Aid Certified



Past Playdates Led by Susan

Little-Preneurs at WeWork!
$34 or less | 8 open spots
Ages: 3 - 7
Led by Susan L
KV UnSq PJ Party!
$53 or less | 12 open spots
Ages: 2 - 7
Led by Susan L
KV Park Slope PJ Party!
$58 or less | 12 open spots
Ages: 3 - 7
Led by Susan L


Oct 3rd, 2018

Susan is AMAZING! In fact, during our vetting process she scored the highest on our personality test, which means the science says she is the BEST match for the exact kind of child care professional we are seeking. After seeing her in action, we were pleased to see that the science checks out! Susan is trust-worthy, attentive, engaging, and exceptionally creative! We are consistently impressed with her enthusiasm and natural ability to take on a leadership role. Susan is straight gifted at truly entertaining and engaging the kids she is with. She uses her theatre background to be imaginative and fun with the kids and she certainly isn’t afraid to be silly. We've seen so many children become immediately drawn to her during play time. That's because Susan is a true teamplayer and always ready to go the extra mile to make a child's day. We couldn't be more excited to have Susan in our network!