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About Me

Raven Cassell is an actor, writer, and teaching artist among many other things. She has been teaching young people and children for almost a decade. She teaches drama so in turn, she approaches childcare with a Dramatic Arts tool box. She truly believes in children and looks to them for a lot of my inspiration, I view them as collaborators who surely have something to teach me as well. She loved her own childhood and loved to be in environments where she could express her childlike spirit (hint: why she make plays!). She also considers herself a heavily intellectual and values intentional dialogue with young people. Her interests in list form: sports, books, language, travel, music, art & creation, THEATER, adventure, laughing, dreaming and loving. She considers herself really lucky to get to live out her dream as an artist traveling the world while being an impactful role model to young people. This is why she is an advocate for dreaming ferociously, and believes that if you do believe, it just might happen!





Oct 3rd, 2018

Raven is INCREDIBLE! She is a true Project Playdate veteran, having worked our pajama parties since the very beginning. There’s no other way to describe her other than completely reliable and exceptionally professional. Raven doesn't only have the skills to care for children, but also brings the most interesting and invaluable abilities to teach and enrich, including her relentless creativity, energy and even fluent Spanish! She brings caregiving to the next level with her ability to highly engage the children she’s around, while leaving a lasting and positive impression on parents; giving the ultimate peace of mind. She’s creative, trustworthy, professional, and all-around a kind person to be around. If we could make photocopies of Raven we certainly would!